DHP-573 Handset Positioner

The DHP-573 further extends the DHP-5xx series of dynamic handset positioners, by adding limit sensing and automatic homing to the feature set. DHP-573 Dynamic Handset Positioner

Thanks to a sensor system that automatically detects the coordinates of the positioner, the device can be reset to a consistent home position when required. This allows the user to start all test scenarios from a known, consistent and deterministic position.

In addition, the DHP-573 dramatically reduces the risk of mechanical breakdown, by stopping the device from rotating past a pre-installed set of hardware limit switches.

Like the DHP-553, the DHP-573 is highly configurable and easy to manipulate remotely; It can be controlled to conform precisely to standard handset positions, as well as an extensive number of custom test positions. The ability of the DHP-573 to be operated remotely and quietly supports advanced testing scenarios, such as acoustic noise cancellation while a handset is in motion.



  • Fully programmable, motorized motion.
  • Controlled by PC software, through full graphical user interface (GUI) or scriptable drivers.
  • Straight-forward to configure.
  • Wide dynamic range of motion, allowing infinite number of handset positions.
  • Sensor based motion control
  • Homing support
  • Compatible with all major Head and Torso Mannequins.
  • Minimimal acoustic interference.
  • Supports a wide variety of handset form factors.
  • Deterministic and reproducible test conditions.
  • Quiet and robust motion mechanism.
  • Solid, lightweight material for easy handling and transport.
  • Emulation of real-life motion.


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