DHP-501 Handset Positioner

The DHP-501 enables dynamic positioning of a handset for test purposes.  This state of the art product is fully programmable,  enabling motorized, deterministic and repeatable positioning without DHP-501 Dynamic Handset Positioner the need for human intervention. Typical applications range from acoustic and RF performance testing to EMR evaluation.

Highly configurable and easy to manipulate remotely, the DHP-501 can be controlled to conform precisely to standard handset positions,  as well as an extensive number of custom test positions. In addition, the ability of the DHP-501 to be operated remotely and quietly supports advanced testing scenarios, such as acoustic noise cancellation while a handset is in motion.

Unlike competing products, the DHP-501 is specifically designed to minimize acoustic interference. The elements that fit around the handset and hold it in place are shaped to allow acoustic sound waves to travel undisturbed, thus minimizing the impact of the positioner on test measurements.




  • Fully programmable, motorized motion.
  • Controlled by PC software, through full graphical user interface (GUI) or scriptable drivers.
  • Simple to configure.
  • Wide dynamic range of motion, allowing infinite number of handset positions.
  • Supports handsets up to 125mm long – including widescreen  smartphones.
  • Compatible with all major Head and Torso Mannequins.
  • Minimimal acoustic interference.
  • Deterministic and reproducible test conditions.
  • Quiet and robust motion mechanism.
  • Solid, lightweight material for easy handling and transport.
  • Emulation of real-life motion.

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